Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chart of Nations Project

Chart of Nations

Working in partners, create an Excel chart of the nations listed in chapter 18 (you can use this for which ever countries you are currently studying). Include your first names in the file name. 
The chart should include eight columns of rankings:
  1. area
  2. population
  3. per capita GDP
  4. population density
  5. religion
  6. main language family
  7. major resources and industry 
Project will be evaluated as follows:

Contentlarge amounts of missing or incorrect datasome data missing or incorrectall eight columns includedProficient plus annotations (unit of measure, labels, etc)Advanced plus hyperlinks to data sources
Designchart poorly organized with little connection between data chart is difficult to read or understanddata is organized neatly and in correct locationsProficient plus data formatted as a sortable tableAdvanced plus appropriate charts included

Recommended Resources