Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's On The Horizon?

Just finished browsing the latest Horizon Report and would tend to agree with them. One point that jumped off the page was, "People expect to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want... Feelings of frustration are common when it(the Internet) is not available." Almost every day, someone asks me to override something the filter blocked. Most will acknowledge that the internet SHOULD be filtered at school, just not the sites they want to visit.

On a more hopeful note, I was excited to see they're predicting widespread adoption within three to four years of game-based learning. I have a couple freshmen who are already picking up JavaScript concepts after I showed them the code to their favorite online game. I see game-based learning as not playing "educational" games, but instead using games as a means to dissecting digital operations. The challenge of the game holds the student's attention while they continually seek to problem solve or creatively design a solution. And it's just fun!