Friday, April 1, 2011

Prophetstown State Park

After loading the bikes into tour van, we visited Prophetstown State Park over Spring Break. It was sunny but a chilly breeze kept our sweatshirts on.

This wasn't our favorite park because it was all about preserving prairies, which are nice to look at but don't offer much fun. We rode our bikes about two miles out and back along the park's paved bike trail.

We stopped at each of the two playgrounds looking for water. But unfortunately all the water was turned off. That's what we get for visiting before the summer season. Maybe next time Dad will remember to bring drinks!

Several areas had been burned as part of the prairie maintenance. When the sun came out, this created an occasional "dust devil" that was difficult to capture with the camera.

Since this is the state's newest park, some areas are still underdevelopment. The facilities were nice and the flatness of the terrain made biking enjoyable. There is not a nature center to explain the prairie restoration process, so you will want to research online before you go. Otherwise, this was a nice park for an afternoon picnic or pleasant stroll.

Property Map