Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where's Your Content?

I received notice from Google Video that as of May 13th, Google will be deleting all videos hosted on the site. So after logging in for the first time in months years, I discovered one video I had posted one video back in July of 2007. It was an illustrative video about a home improvement project that I used on my other blog.

So in the process of updating the video links on the blog, I discovered remembered that I had also used Clipshack way back when YouTube was just starting out. My first uploaded video to the web was in September of 2006. I seem to recall that at the time I felt like YouTube was too cluttered with junk and I wanted more control over my content. My how things have changed.

Let's not even start with photos! My paid Flickr account balance is due so do I continue with it, but what about all my blog pictures on Picasa Web Albums and Shutterfly? Should managing web content be this tedious? Remember my introduction to Microsoft Access video?

So that brings me to a rainy Saturday morning where I'm sorting through all my video content strewn across the Web. It's not a lot of stuff, but I need to figure out where it's located and where I've linked to them. It's so easy to send content to the Web. It's tougher to get it back.

Do you know where your Web content is?