Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trip To See The Dr

BrickWorld Chicago 2011 002
My Lego crazy kid and I trekked up to Chicago for BrickWorld. First display inside the door had Doctor Who visiting Abraham Linclon at his home in Springfield. Pretty sweet!

We did have some trouble locating the Westin hotel. Perhaps the TARDIS could have done a better job. Seems the address on the hotel's website shows up ten miles north on my GPS.
Despite the run around, the expo was fabulous. Probably the best part for the boy was getting to hold a life size Halo MA5C. We also scoured tanks, Mecha and pod racers for ideas. I especially liked a cityscape done in micro scale.
We also enjoyed several Mindstorm exhibits, including a semifinal round of sumo bots. So despite the long drive, it was well worth the trip. And we've already marked our calendar for next year.