Monday, May 28, 2012


There I WAS
   LOST in a dark sea
   not KNOWING
      North from South
      or where sky and sea collided.
   WRAPPED in a cold shroud
      of darkness
ALL my existence
   seemed formless and void.

Then in a blinding moment
   and breath taking power
      You ROSE on my horizon
   with all the splendor
of a newborn day.

The sparkle of 1000 jewels
   splashed a waterfall of colors
      all AROUND me.

VIOLET so deep
      that all you thoughts
      could never be comprehended
Waves of INDIGO
      leaped to embrace
      a cheerful expanse of sky
Flashes of GREEN
      revealed lush expanses
      cool retreats from life's harshness
YELLOW rays of laughter
      filtered through my head
      driving out the dust and cobwebs
ORANGE flames of warmth
      evaporated my cold shroud
Your CRIMSON passion
      quickly engulfing the void.

In that blinding moment
   You BURST into my life
like the dawn of creation
      warm and bright

You are my life
   my joy
      my all.

Poem originally composed on January 4, 1995