Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Specctr Knows

Style sheet, blueprint, stack of sticky notes - tracking data points has become easier with Specctr. In my web design class I've had them handwriting (typing) blueprints for their e-portfolios.
For students who have yet to grasp the value of pre-writing, planning ahead and not waiting to the last minute and winging it, blueprints are more of an after the fact documentation. Their value though comes during the construction process. Consistency of design, position, color give a unified and cohesive look. It's like getting dressed in the morning.
That's where Specctr becomes valuable. It's an Adobe Fireworks plugin that identifies and builds the project blueprint for you. Of course, sticking with the blueprint is still your own problem, but considerable less time would be spent juggling through specs or meticulously copping them down.