Friday, December 21, 2012

Do YouTube?

In the ever changing discussion about YouTube access, it seems (to me) that more educators are demanding access to the online video giant. YouTube is currently blocked at our school. However, I feel like it's very easy to find video clips that serve the same purpose which are not blocked. The real issue is laziness.

Why would I create a video or spend a few extra minutes researching exactly what I need when it is so much easier to click the brain off and the video on? Even solutions such as downloading the video and replaying just the video file seem to be too difficult.

As a parent, I limit my kids time in front of the TV at home. We don't have cable, just an old antennae. I certainly don't want them coming to school to stare at silly nonsense without any engagement. And for me, that seems to be the real issue. What can my kid get from YouTube at school that I couldn't provide at home. Where is the value in the education?

Let's get kids creating and engaging the world around them. OK. Even post it on YouTube. But let's not turn a video on without engaging their minds.

Follow Up: After mulling this post over for a couple days, I realize the issue is about creating or consuming content. I'd prefer people (in my case students and educators) create valuable content, as much if not more than they consume.