Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tapestry Workshop Day 2: Overflowing with Ideas

Day two was highlighted with a ride on the Boilermaker Special - the official mascot of Purdue. (Sorry about the photo quality but it's a webcam shot of a Polaroid taken on the moving train, way too cool!)

After eight hours in workshop sessions, there is too much to elaborate on in one single post. I plan to refer back to things learned as I try to implement them throughout the school year.

In this post, I'll simply present a summary list of topics explored:

  • Identifying things to change in my CS courses
  • Using logic puzzles
  • Inquiry Based Instruction
  • Cognitive Load Theory
  • Paired Programming
  • Test Driven Development of programming
  • How students choose careers and majors
  • How to effectively reach out to prospective students
  • Professional development resources available through CS4EDU
  • Examples of Success
  • Encouragement that we all can do better
  • Using manipulatives and unplugged strategies