A Cowboy Christmas

The last time we saw the singing group Riders In The Sky, Josiah was about eight years old. Elizabeth would have been four and very shy. But Josiah thought they were great and talked up a storm.

This weekend we traveled to Greenville, Ohio to catch their Cowboy Christmas show. The guys were just as entertaining as ever! But we ALL have aged a bit since that first meeting.

One highlight for me was when they performed the music to the Pixar short "For the Birds." Riders In The Sky wrote the original score and it's unusual anymore to experience live music with silent film.

Elizabeth enjoyed watching Woody Paul attempting rope tricks. Even though he would mess up, Woody didn't give up. And that describes the charm of watching four older men laugh, joke around and sing the songs they love.

After thirty six years on the road, I'm not sure how much longer they can keep it up. But I am grateful to have had them in our lives.

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