Friday, October 31, 2014

Painting The Sky

What color is the sky? It's not always blue! This week kindergarten used the fill bucket and paint brushes in KidPix Deluxe 4 as we explored the color of the sky.

As part of my TechnoKids curriculum, K5 is in a unit on colors. We started out going to the hallway window to see what color the sky was today. I think it's great that after all the kids agree the sky is blue, we actually check if they are right. Today was dark and stormy, definitely a different blue than yesterday!

We also looked through several sky photos, finding different colors in the clouds. The kids had fun drawing atypical skies, including a night sky with stars. I really appreciate the opportunity to combine God's creation with art and digital tools. Hopefully these kiddos will continue to be digital creators and not just consumers.