Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sound Design

Did you know that many computer towers have headphone jacks in both the front and back? At the beginning of the year, all my computers had headphones plugged into the front of the tower.

Everyone accepted the arrangement as this was how they were set up in the past. Now it took me a year to figure this out, but if the headphones are plugged into the back of the tower, then kids are not tripping or pulling the cords. And the stations look a lot more neat and organized.

The first day I switched them around, many kids moved the plugs back to the front. Apparently it bothered them! Slowly I'm getting them to accept that the headphone jacks are not where they can fidget with them.

The bottom photo shows the old way while the top photo shows the new arrangement - when the kids haven't moved them back to the front.