Saturday, March 21, 2015

QR Codes: Moving Beyond the Display Board

Students used QR codes to move beyond the tri-fold display board during last week's Spanish Day. I appreciate teachers who are willing to step out and let kids try something different. 

Last week the seventh grade students shared group presentations on various Spanish speaking countries. The gym was full of games, food and display boards as students interacted with parents and elementary classes.

But one group added a new element this year: QR codes that linked to additional content they had compiled. Though not as popular as their snacks, these boys learned valuable lessons in curating digital content. Their booth location was determined by strength of WiFi signal. They also learned that visitors still needed help understanding how to use the codes.

The Spanish teacher is already thinking of ways to improve and expand the digital component to the entire project. This year was more about exploration, discovering obstacles and pushing limits. Now we know where some of the process bottlenecks are and can think of ways to assess student use of digital content in their displays.