Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Visually Share Web Links with Symbaloo

SymbalooEDUis an easy way to visually organize and share web links. Accounts are free but a premium package is available for those who want more. I have used the free version in class quite successfully.

Each page of links (or tiles) is called a webmix and users can organize links in any way they want. Each webmix can also be grouped using colored markers. Backgrounds can also be changed for easy identification of each webmix.

I appreciate how easily webmixes can be shared or embedded on another site. Previously I created individual links to web games for students but now each grade level has its own webmix.

Adding a new tile, or web link is easy. Default images may appear for the sites added or you can select an icon. I prefer to screen capture an engaging image from the target web page and use it to attract attention to each link. I've found that students often remember the images better than the game name or target address.

As with any collection, it's possible to have so many items they become difficult to locate, even with clear organization. Symbaloo also offers a search feature on the account page. This allows you to find tiles, webmixes or profiles of others.

Symbaloo also has an iPad app.