Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tues Tech Tip: Careful Planning Never Changes

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. In our instant gratification world, the art of careful planning sometimes seems all but forgotten. A few moments planning before an activity or event allows for the best user experience (UX). The following is an excerpt from Educating the Twentieth-Century Youth by Anna Verona Dorris, reprinted in 1995 from an original article in the 1950s.
Educating the twentieth-century youth. What a colossal undertaking! ... We must recognize that this twentieth-century age with all its magical scientific achievements has revolutionized life and living. Change, change, everything has changed-is constantly changing the world over. Nothing is the same as "yesterday." A new civilization has dawned; new problems confront us; a new type of youth with different standards, with different ideals, and with different ambitions greets us here, there, and everywhere.
Yet as everything around us seems to be changing at a rampant pace, careful planning and organization are skills that benefit every one of us. Check out this training video from the 1950s and see how many of the tips are still useful when preparing to show a large group video.