Back in the Workshop Circuit

After stepping out of the classroom, I discovered that I miss presenting workshops at conferences. For several years I attended, participated and presented at regional and state wide conferences for STEM, computer integration and technology in the classroom. Now that my focus has shifted to church IT, I realized that I have more time to pursue another interest: gaming.

This spring, Who's Yer Gamers is hosting their eleventh annual gaming convention. This is a free event and open to everyone. I will be presenting a workshop on Habitica an online task management gaming system as well as running a couple card game sessions.

Just like workshops I've presented in the past, I'm both excited at the opportunity but also fearful that no one will choose to attend my sessions. Who's Yer Con leans heavily towards role play games - there are only two other workshops for sewing. But I plan to present the same workshop at GenCon this fall, so if nothing else this can be good practice.

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