Failure Is An Option

Reel mower fixed with training wheels
The roller bar bracket broke again on my mower,
so I replaced it with the old pink training wheels!
(original Instagram post)
When we only strive to be as good as those around us, then we will never rise above the crowd. Do not be afraid of failure. You will fail. In fact, you may never succeed. But succumbing to the fear of failure hinders us from ever doing something truly amazing.

When I taught high school, especially yearbook, students would cower from the tasks placed before them. Stepping out to take photos instead of blending into the crowd. Calling a business on the phone to ask for an advertisement. Taking time to ask compelling questions to get a better interview. All these things include risk. Failure could include being socially outcast, receiving a failing grade (on an elective!) or hearing rejection again.

Don't be afraid to fail!

Sometimes standing alone is needed more than social acceptance. Stepping into new experiences can open up opportunities we never thought possible. And every close friend was at one time a total stranger. Many times the greater risk offer the bigger the reward. 

So the next time you are faced with a challenging circumstance or difficult decision, will your first question be "what are they doing?" Or do you have the courage to chart a difficult or unknown course that may be doomed? Failure is an option, and sometimes the only one that helps us to become something better.

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