Saturday, October 25, 2014

Annie Tops Popular Posts

Not surprisingly, several of this week's popular posts focused on the musical Annie. Even though I have been enjoying a week off for Fall Break, I spent the evenings helping run lights for the fall production at my kids' high school. My daughter also plays percussion in the orchestra.

During the opening night performance, a mom with her toddler arrived just as I was closing the doors and the show was beginning. The little boy was scared and didn't want to go into a dark, crowded room. Instead, they crept up the back steps and sat at the top of the stairs to the weight room, where we run lights.

Later I mentioned to them that these are one of the best seats in the house, second only to sitting right behind the curtain. Both mom and toddler appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed the show from their unique perspective, but I think the mom was thankful that the unique seating held her son's interest.

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