Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Captioning Video Instructions

Engage multiple learning styles by adding captions to your videos. Sometimes it is easier for me to show students how to do something on the computer. But when I show the entire class, invariably there are a handful who didn't pay attention.

Instead of repeating the process multiple times for a few individuals, I've taken to capturing the processes in video. This way students can rewind and review the steps as often as they need.

With a classroom set of headphones slowly deteriorating, occasionally a student complains about not being able to hear the audio. Sometimes I did not capture it with the best quality and other times the room can be too noisy to hear the video.

My solution is to add closed captions! Inside YouTube I can go to Video Manager, select the video to edit and choose Subtitles & CC. The process for adding captions is straightforward and can be edited at any time. The longer the video though, the longer it will take to transcribe.

One thing I noticed was the goofy way I talked through the steps. By writing out a script beforehand, I could edit my sentences and have a transcript to upload. It is possible to manually key captions and adjust their position in the video, but takes longer.