2018 Travel Timeline

Our travels in 2018 came in bursts, but when we did leave home it was filled to the brim. Altogether, I traveled 22,105 miles, that's 88% of the way around the world! Major trip highlights included the Hockey Hall of Fame and Niagara Falls with Josiah in the summer and London with the girls in the fall.
Your visits in 2018
The bulk of my travel came on the road, logging 646 hours of road time for a total of  slightly more than 18,000 miles. A couple areas to improve in 2019 are my walking and biking. In 2018 I only logged 64 miles walking and 34 miles biking. To help, I've ordered a fitness wrist tracker and taken up a couple walking challenges in Habitica. We'll see how well it performs as I've not been able to keep a wrist watch working for very long.

In other trivial data tracking, Steak 'n Shake was our most visited restaurant with ten stops. And thirty-eight visits to the Lebanon Library placed it as the most visited cultural location. The library is not at all surprising. I usually walk the mile round trip to pick up and return books and movies.

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